29 July 2015

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22 February 2015


has been quite memorable so far.  i sat twice for ayahuasca ceremonies the first weekend after new years.  thanks to my friend kelli for inviting me.  i am reborn.

i remet the love of my life, jessie, who i met at lax 2 years ago.  i knew when i first met her that she was the one.

20 May 2014

College nicknames...

The best college nickname I ever gave was t a guy that lived on my dorm floor frosh year. Read Hall, curry 5 at indiana university. His name was Wayne Bruns and was from some shit hole small town in indiana.

He was memorable in a couple ways;

He had such an accent that you could hardly understand him. He pronounced his name like "wang". Soon after (after as in time but also as in after multiple adult intoxicants) I named his "chicken wang" which we then shortened to "chicken" or "the chicken."

He flunked out of school after his second or thir semester. It could have been his terrible class picking. I remember he was taking a language class in Tagalog.

His roommate flunked out after his first semester and never got replaced so he had a room all to himself. He never locked his door and didn't mind if we just walked in and smoke in his room. We even moved a Nintendo 64 into his room for our enjoyment

It was ideal because he was never there. He had a student job and was always so tired. If he was sleeping we'd just walk in and smoke and play video games while trying to keep it quiet.  I was a huge dick and am only now thinking about if someone did that to me...how quickly I'd end that behavior.

I'll never remember if I had too many adult intoxicants or if I dreamt it, but I think we drunk dialed his family's house my soph year ( this was 2000 nobody had mobile phones) and an older sounding woman picked up. When we asked to speak to chicken, I mean Wayne, she said that he had died in a car accident.  I wish I could remember if that was true or not.

Yea...Chicken Wayne.

15 August 2012


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06 July 2012

5th of July

so i know i haven't been blogging a lot lately.  i dont think ive had anything really funny going on.  i have a dog that makes me more responsible.  we goto the park, we go on runs.  i yell at him when he tries to lay on my computer and i lose all the shit i had just written.

4th of july was pretty tame as well.  only highlight was that Leo may or may not have punched our landlord.  everyone thinks he did but there were no police involved so its questionable i guess.

5th of july i was pretty hungover but had to meet LG&E up in LA to do touristy stuff like goto LACMA.  i picked her up at her friend's house in echo park...im glad i brought my gun.  what a shitty neighberhood.

we then went to LG&E's friends workplace to hang out with her.  her friend works for kat von d at her tattoo parlor.  we hung out in the back and shot the shit for hours.  maybe i should watch that show.  the dudes there are super talented.  im stunned i didnt get more ink done.

we then went to the grove to eat [having missed lacma since it was closing soon].  we soon were entertained by some sort of 50 year old, handlebar moustachioed man with his big toenail painted blue swigging champagne and hitting on 3 fat lesbians.  it was hysterical.  he was telling 1 that he may or may not have known how she looked 10 years younger and she must have lost weight.  mind you shes obese.

so we then went to the roosevelt hotel because thats kinda touristy ya know.

well a couple martinis later i was borderlined blacked out.  i then recd a text this morning from a nyc area number saying that they were coming down to newport today and wanted to see me.  thinking that it was possibly a chick i used to hook up with but deleted her number i agreed to meet her for lunch.

mind you i wasn't 100% sure so i asked her when the last time i saw her was.  she said last nite.  WHAT?  i played it off as a joke and then started to try and remember who i had met.  i vaguely remember talking to some girls at the bar but couldnt be sure what they looked like.  and of course you know LG&E was not answering her phone to help fill me in.

all i had was a name, Bari from the text.  shit is this a dude?  i finally got ahold of LG&E who said that i was talking to a hot chick and that i knew them.  i was completely drawing a blank.  i told a chick i worked with that i hope i didnt get murdered and was off.

luckily the chick said she was waiting outside so it was easy for me to spot.  yes i remebered this girl!  she's hot!  i got her number?  good for me.  we had lunch and made small talk.  i then asked her if she wanted to go back to my place to hang with the dog.  she said yes so we went home and walked on the beach.

holy shit, i kept thinking am i gonna hook up with this smoking hot chick/stranger i met last nite?

we got back to my place and and i made the move to make out and was denied!  what?!?!!  she then said we should hang out friday nite or saturday day before she goes back to nyc.  wait what??!?  you just denied a make out but you wanna hang out with me.  do you want to be my friend?  i was so confused but told her i would call her when im up in LA on saturday.

im not sure if i will or not...a truly bizarre day